What are Personal Ethics?

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Personal Ethics According to the Ethical Lens Inventory, I rely heavily on the Results lens to view ethical issues and to make ethical decisions, focusing on the outcomes of actions and choices and especially what the impact of my decisions will be on me. As this means that I tend to "prioritize autonomy over equality," it could create blind spots where other people and their own needs or outcomes are concerned, and also means that I may tend to ignore or discount ethical principles as important in and of themselves, seeing them only as important in terms of their specific results in a specific set of circumstances. At the same time, I think that one of my key ethical strengths according to the ethical lens inventory and according to my own reflection and introspection is that I am able to clearly see how I and others might be affected by a specific choice or course of action, and I am able to act more decisively because I am not bogged down by abstract and esoteric concerns of universal principles if the outcome is right and good and does not harm people (or harms people as little as possible), then the outcome is ethically desirable and the action is warranted or should be taken. While there is a weakness in that certain decisions might seem inconsistent, invoking (or evoking) different and potentially opposing principles as varying situations demand, I still believe that my ethical perspective is a useful and a proper one. As a result, my values and behaviors do tend
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