What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Area Approaches to Tackling Poverty and Deprivation?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of area approaches to tackling poverty and deprivation?
By Lauren Wright, word limit 25000 words
Poverty and deprivation remains a vast problem in the United Kingdom, charity Oxfam (2013) reveals that 1 in 5 households are living under the poverty line making daily life a struggle. The UK government has implemented area-based approaches in order to tackle poverty and deprivation since the 1960s, these initiatives target geographical areas that experience high levels of poverty and deprivation. These methods have always provoked diverse reactions with differences in opinions of the pros and cons they display to communities, individuals and society as a whole and whether it is an effective
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One of the first initiatives introduced was the Education Action Zone strategy, this initiative is a revised modern version of the Plowden Report and its objectives, and the policy aims to tackle problems in deprived areas such as under-achievement and low educational standards (Smith 2003). The pilot program uses the latest release of ‘The Index of Multiple Deprivation’ in order to select 25 Education Action Zones. These areas have the highest levels of disadvantaged and underperforming schools and the strategy intended to improve standards and decrease truancy rates. Among the different proposals of change include the proposal of a new curriculum, changing the way teachers are trained and the use of 24 hour classrooms. Education action zones are run by a host of representatives, including schools, businesses, parents and the local education authority with a secretary appointee. Each zone receives £750,000 from the government annually and £250,000 from a private business that funds and/or sponsors the schools within that zone (Whitfield 2000).
This particular approach creates a solid partnership between communities within the zones, resulting in the schools links with parents being strengthened by applying them a role in civic education (Hatcher & Leblond 2001). Such local programs may increase the

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