What are the Effects of Soda on Teeth?

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Introduction: “People across North America use different words to identify a sugary, carbonated soft drink. But however they say it, they're talking about something that can cause serious oral health problems” (Soda or Pop?). What are the effects of soda on teeth? That is the question at hand. All throughout the world, people are addicted to soda. Just as how in the past it was common to see everyone smoking around you, now it is common to see everyone drinking soda. It was not until studies came out about the effects of smoking that everyone began limiting the amount of cigarettes they smoked. People need to see the effects of soda on teeth if we ever wish for there to be a change in the amount of soda consumed. People need to switch to drinks that cause less damage on teeth such as milk or water. Maybe if the world truly knew the effects of soda and were able to visually see them, they would cut down on the amount they drank just as people cut down on smoking once they saw the effects. Every year, more people are getting cavities due to the soda eroding their teeth. Some people think that if they drank the sugar free versions of their favorite sodas, it wouldn’t be so bad on their teeth. However, sugar free drinks “are acidic and potentially can still cause problems” (Soda or Pop?). Why are the effects of soda on teeth more important than the effects on the rest of the body? They are not. Soda effects the body in every aspect. It can cause people to become
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