What are the benefits and drawbacks of legalising marijuana

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Marijuana is the most extensively used illicit drug in the world, which is a controlled substance, and it is illegal to produce, use, and distribute in most countries. Despite this, marijuana has been legalised in some areas of Australia (Joffe & Yancy, 2004). Consequently, the debate about legalising marijuana has been discussed over decades. Legalising marijuana not only has benefits but also drawbacks. Some believe that the drawbacks of marijuana outweigh the benefits, while others oppose this viewpoint. This essay will describe the advantages and disadvantages of the legalisation of marijuana. It will be divided into two sections: merits, which include medical usage and reducing the crime rate, and demerits, which include the…show more content…
If marijuana is decriminalised, the price of marijuana will be declined, and people can purchase marijuana easily. Moreover, a survey shows that curiosity is the top reason for people using marijuana, which occupies 29.36% (Lee, Neighbors & woods, 2007). That means the legalisation of marijuana permits more curious patients to take it. In addition, people can be addicted to marijuana. According to Lewis (2010), doing any behaviour over and over again is addiction. Thus, the number of people who have addiction in marijuana will grow, and people around the users may follow them taking marijuana, in particular, teenagers who can be easily influenced by peer. In fact Joffe and Yancy (2004, p. e636) point out that “if marijuana were legalised, restrictions on the sale and advertising of substance to young people would prove daunting”. The third reason for people using marijuana is conformity (16.4%). Therefore, the decriminalisation of marijuana may distribute marijuana more simply and quickly. To sum up, this essay has outlined the advantages and disadvantages of the legalisation of marijuana. Legalisation of marijuana can improve better for medicinal purposes, and the quantity of crime might be depleted by legalising marijuana. However, it can spread the consumption of marijuana, and have physically and mentally negative effects on users. Although marijuana can be used in medical field, the physical harm on users is serious. Consequently, the legalisation of
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