What are the consequences of the breakdown of the traditional family for American society?

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What are the consequences of the breakdown of the

traditional family for American society?

Definition of family: The Western world regards the family as consisting of two or more people who consider themselves related by blood, marriage, or adoption; also known as a nuclear family. The extended family includes grandparents, aunts, cousins, etc.

The changing family: At one time families worked together on farms, family trade, etc. They worked as a family to provide for the family. Parents instilled in their children morals, and values, taught them right from wrong and the consequences for their actions. With the industrial age, the man left the home to work in factories while the wife remained home to tend to the running of the household
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Childcare is not provided by people with an innate love for the child and common family values, it is provided by professional strangers in businesses. Parents tend to leave the instillation of morals and values up to the day care providers or the school systems. The schoolteachers have an academic curriculum they are required to fulfill. Children are expected to have a basic knowledge of social interaction, letter and number identification, writing their names and tying their shoes before entering the school system. Parents do not dedicate time to the learning of these skills, which leaves them behind academically, causing lower self-esteem and a lack of enthusiasm in learning.

Parents, single or married, do not spend enough time communicating with their children. As a result children do not learn how to act or interact with others. This decreased their ability to engage in conversations, especially when there are opposing viewpoints, resulting in not learning from one another, sharing ideas, developing a tolerance or an understanding for different viewpoints.

There is a lack of rules in families today and when there are rules they are not consistently enforced. This causes children to not take responsibility for their actions or to respect authority. Because there are not enough rules, children are becoming more involved in juvenile crime. These families (parents and
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