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When you are sitting on a public bus and look around, it is easy to make conclusions about people. The guy sitting alone with the messy hair and cloths is obviously a drunk and just wondering aimlessly. The lady sitting in the short dress and has on really heavy makeup, is obviously a prostitute. The young girl with the baby is certainly an unwed mother and lives on welfare. These are the conclusions that many people make about others without knowing any facts about that person. We all stereotype and generalize others without taking the time to meet people and find out who they really are.
We stereotype based on simple observations. A judgment, we can come up with in a minute or two. Often we call this the first impression. In
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This is because this woman has a stereotypical image or thought of “black men”. The author portrays an image of people locking their car doors when someone black walks by. This image is based on unrealistic speculation about others, that generates genuine fear. That’s a fast reaction to have to something. It only takes a second or two to think about it and another second to react to the situation at hand. Another example given by the author is one of his peer being arrested based on stereotyping. There is a lot of irony and sad truths of the result of stereotyping. It is a good example of how we project our prejudice towards others so easily. It is embarrassing for a human to act in such a manner, with no regard for others and how our judgments will affect them. Another example of negative stereotyping is the story “Size 6: The Western Women’s Harem”. Being a Muslim women, and coming to “the western world” (Mernissi) would be quite a shock due to the culture change alone. The cultural shock of the women’s fashion industry and how it changes standards for what is normal and what is plus size. This is a bad way to stereotype women. The Muslim women are clearly not understanding of the way we look at clothing as a nation. I never understood why the geisha women taped their feet to alter their appearance. It is amazing to what length people will go to obtain an image or acceptance. Some of them could barely walk and running
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