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What do you want for Christmas “Attention holiday shoppers, don’t miss your opportunity to have your picture taken with Santa and his Elves. And today only Macy’s special holiday sale…” Think back to last year. For the Holidays what did you give and what did you get? I can almost guarantee you that for the gifts you bought you either spent long hours searching a department store or long hours racking your brain for what to buy. The perfect gift, where can I get it? And how much will it cost? Why is it that we can’t just tell someone how much we care? Corporations in our society have placed such an emphasis on finding the perfect gift that we can no longer settle, for homemade toys. As a child what is it that you actually…show more content…
By saving so much you spend more, by buying more. This has become so culturally accepted that we must comply. If we do not buy gifts what does that say about us? That we do not care or that we cannot afford it. Either way this is socially unacceptable. Think for a minute what our children are taught. From a young age they are influenced about Christmas. For example The Grinch who Stole Christmas and A Christmas Carol. The Grinch, is a Character totally opposed to Christmas who comes in and steals the Christmas trees and gifts from a town called Whoville. For this he is hated. However, he finally finds a heart and returns the gifts and decorations thus becoming accepted. Ebinieser Scrooge in a Christmas Carol is a miserable old man who is hated because he is stingy. Once he accepted Christmas he too became accepted. This teaches children right from the start that those who do not comply with the Holidays, will in a sense become social outcasts. Those who go along with social norms are accepted and loved. Think back to about three years ago, when Tickle me Elmo was the hot new toy. The next year it was Furbies. Parents stood in line for hours only to fight for the last doll on the shelf so that they could come home and impress their child with this new toy. Each year a new toy hits the shelf in high demand and limited quantities. This is by no means an accident. It has been thought about for many hours, and
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