What dreams are made of

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What Dreams are Made of

Since the beginning of time, dreams have been a mysterious wonder amongst humans. Everyone has dreams, and people who say they do not in fact do, but just don’t remember their dreams or recall the information that was in them. A person spends somewhere around six years of their life dreaming, which is about 2,100 days in a dream world (dreamfacts). A lot of people often have weird and unexplained dreams that they usually just overlook, or don’t remember, but research is showing that there is meaning behind dreams. In the Ancient time, the Greeks and Romans would visit dream temples to search their dreams as messages from the Gods (Gackenbach and Bosveld, 1989). Nowadays, through studies and research,
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He thought that the dreams served to satisfy unconscious sexual and aggressive desires, because such things as those were not accepted to the dreamer and had to be hidden. Therefore, they appeared in a figurative form in a dream. Dreams have been viewed as a test run by activating dangerous and threatening things to help increase a person’s chance of survival. However, researcher J. Allan Hobson (1988) shot down this notion and made up the theory of Activation-Synthesis Hypothesis of Dreaming which presents that the dreams are only the brain’s attempt to try to figure the random firing of neurons during the REM sleep phase (Wood, Wood and Boyd, 2004). Other Studies have found that dreamer’s brain waves are the most active when they are dreaming. Even more than during the day (dreamfacts). Hobson also thought that dreams have a psychological meaning because the meaning that the dreamer sees of their dreams goes with their own personal memories, experiences, associations, and fears (Wood, Wood and Boyd, 2004).
Some therapists think that dreamers should remember their dreams because they have thoughts that they aren’t typically aware of, that could help people better see themselves and problem solve thing in their lives. Even if dreams are not reality, they can help important information about how that person sees reality. Some people say that having a dream journal to understand and learn from
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