What is Abortion Essay

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What is Abortion

Abortion is the term used to describe the premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb, or the operation to cause this. It is when a pregnant woman intentionally gets rid of her child before it is fully developed.

Abortion is an extremely topical issue and has been practised for many centuries, although it only became legal in Britain in 1967. This was because an act was passed to encourage women not to have dangerous 'Back Street Abortions'. People who had no medical experience often carried these out. The Abortion Act allowed abortions to be carried out, if two doctors agreed that:

· The mother's life was in danger

· Grave permanent injury to the mother's
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Many organisations offer advice and support for different situations. 'LIFE' is a pro-life organisation that believe that abortion shouldn't be practised. They teach that every life is sacred and that it begins right at the moment of conception. However, there are pro-choice groups who believe that it is the woman's own choice. Christians are found supporting both causes.

A. (ii) Explain what Christian teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion.

When forming an opinion on an issue such as abortion, a Christian would look towards many things to help them.

Jesus and his teachings in the New Testament are extremely important to Christians, as many of the ideas on lifestyle are still relevant today. Although Jesus never actually used the term abortion, nor does he preach about the idea of getting rid of an unborn child he does tell us that we 'Shall not kill'. This rule could be applied to abortion, as you are technically killing someone. There are frequent reminders in the New Testament to love God and you neighbour as yourself. With this lesson in mind, Christians could form the opinion that if they were an unborn baby, would they want someone to choose whether they would ever actually make it to being a human being in the real world. Another important message in the gospel of Luke is

'that not even a sparrow is
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