What is American Exceptionalism?

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While some find us arrogant, condescending and imperialistic, those who have come to join us in America find that there is some truth in the notion that our country is unique. Nowhere else is the freedom to express and improve yourself so widespread, and no other country welcomes those seeking that freedom so openly. Assimilation to our culture is not forced, but it is the rare individual who does not welcome it once they are here. Many people consider themselves to be the best humans on the planet, or maybe the only ones chosen by their god to succeed, but nobody can claim to be as powerful and prosperous as Americans are. To us the idea of American Exceptionalism is not propaganda or a myth; it is the understanding that the only way to the make the most of oneself is to have the freedom to do so. Some of the first colonists to land on the shores of the “new world” believed that they had a mandate from God to create a new society here, and that it should be a new, superior kind of society that would be an example to the rest of the world. John Winthrop told his flock aboard the Arbella that their society would be grounded in the principles of the Bible, and that by concentrating themselves in one area together they would be able to have a more pure Christian society. They would be able to repel the influences of the inferior and corrupt exterior world, and although they would practice the precept to “love his neighbor as himself,” they would prefer to have a Christian
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