What is Art?

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What is art? How can one define simply, a subject so broad, so complex, and as subjective as artistic expression? Leo Tolstoy postulates, “Art is architecture, sculpture, painting, music, poetry in all its forms…” (Tolstoy 15) I believe that although Tolstoy, may never have imagined it in his original definition, video games may certainly fit as a viable mode of artistic expression; I believe videogames are art. According to Tolstoy, architecture is a perfectly respectable medium for artistic expression. As it happens, electronic gaming incorporates architecture quite heavily as an added element of immersion. Architects in real life put a lot of effort into just one building where as architects who design games create incredibly complex cities with numerous detailed buildings. A lot of attention and effort goes towards making sure that each building or environment is beautifully designed in a game. Architects can bring their virtual artistic creations to life. Architecture is in a game is to create an artistic environment that the player can explore and enjoy. For example, Irrational Games created a title named “Bioshock.” Bioshock is a game about a beautiful and tortured city under the ocean; this city is called Rapture (refer to picture 1). Programmers were inspired by Art Deco, a popular form of architecture in the 20’s- the time period this game was set in is. Irrational Games created this underwater city which contained underwater sky scrapers and domes all inspired

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