What is Beauty?

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the sight”. Over a long period of time, the meaning of beauty has changed. The way beauty was seen in the past, have been slightly modified into something totally different today. For many years, there has been that one question that has not been proven, even until now. There are few people who have their own opinion on this issue. There have been many ancient philosophers who have debated on this such issue. Are individuals actually looking or acting as themselves, or is it all an act to fit in with the society? Does each person have their own perceptive on beauty? Is the whole world just pretending to be someone else? Are people dressing or behaving in such way they can impress society? For centuries, beauty has been debated if it was either determined by individual or by society. David Hume explored the view of beauty and believed beauty is individual. He felt each person have their own perspective of beauty. There are few people that try to be different from other as much as possible, but the way society thinks of them changes them completely. Conversely, philosophers such as Hegel and Edmund Burke argued that beauty is determined by society. Aristotle, famous Greek philosopher, has also agreed with what David Hume’s theory of beauty. He believed beauty of a person has so many identities that make them who they are.…

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