What is Business Conduct? Essay examples

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Business conduct simply refers to the way in which a business regulates themselves socially, environmentally and importantly in a friendly manner. Business conduct is a must in order to satisfy the outcome of the business and is crucial in preventing unethical concerns from occurring within the business. In todays, modern competitive business market, it is essential to note that business conduct is an uprising concern that holds both advantages and disadvantages in all industries. An industry where business conduct is seen as a concern is in the mining industry. The mining industry is an industry that is economically stable and the industry consists of various forms such as coal mining. The industry is of high demand and encompasses needs and wants which require the need for ethical principles. Therefore, business conduct in the mining industry is seen as unethical due to it violating the Dignity, Fairness and Responsiveness principles of the Global Business Standards Codex, and impacting on the overall rights and status of workers.
The Dignity Principle aims to change the way a business ethically behaves to promote its quality of respect in the mining industry. The Dignity Principle addresses ways in which to develop human potential as a means of promoting special concern for those who are harmed by these actions. All of the codes shown in the Dignity Principle contain requirements that ensure individuals who participate in the mining industry are fully entitled to and…