What is Confict Transformation

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Conflict transformation explains that rather then getting rid of the conflict (expression or disagreement), it seeks to work at the problem from the inside out (Lederach, 1995). In this conflict stated above the root of the conflict was when the customer did not retain her information and software due to the suggestion given of performing a factory reset her computer. This problem could have been resolved when the customer first came in the store and inquired about this issue. The sale representative could/should have told the customer to backup her data and then suggested a reset, even better the sales representative could have done it for the customer. In saying this HP should have also informed the customer that such things can occur when factory resetting a device. Conflict Transformation is also reliant on a moral decision that are made on the spot and understanding that not all conflicts are going to be all right and that faith may played a major role in the end result (Lederach, 1995). We can see that the first impression that the customer received and was directed to HP was an incorrect moral decision that was made on the spot. Due to this decision it lead to frustration and a lengthy process to resolve for all parties. This gave the customer a wrong impression of what both companies are like and may never shop with us again. Another conflict resolution method that could have been used to handle this conflict is the “interest-based relational (IBR) approach”

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