What is Diabetes?

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In 2012 statistics show that 176 billion dollars where use for medication on diabetes.Diabetes is a complicated issue as demonstrated through its history, symptoms,treatments, and number of people affected by it.
The first symptoms of diabetes happen in 1552 B.C. Ancient healers noticed that ants seemed more attracted to the urine of people with diabetes. Later on their was people known as "water tasters" that diagnosed diabetes by tasting the urine of people that thought they had it. If the urine tasted sweet it meant the person had diabetes. In 1800's scientist developed chemical test to detect the presence of sugar in the urine.As a physician kept discovering about diabetes on. The first prescribed exercise was horseback riding they
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The food that affects blood sugar are called carbohydrate. Once digesting carbohydrates convert to glucose. Foods that convert into glucose are bread,rice,pasta,potatoes,corn and milk products. If diabetics eat carbohydrates, must do so in moderation. Insulin is needed when the glucose transfers from blood into cells. Insulin is made by the beta cell in the pancreas, which produces insulin. Diabetes starts when the pancreas fails to make sufficient quantities of insulin. Type 1 diabetes cannot move glucose into cells. Type 2 diabetes doesn't produce sufficient quantities of insulin or can't move glucose into cells. There is two types of diabetes type 1 and type 2. Type 1 happens more common in children and young adults. It also can become more genetic,but has yet been proven. Type 2 diabetes affects adults more. It also however has begun to developed in children. Type 2 also has a connection with obesity. Wellness Foundation says that" fasting blood sugar normally is 80-90 mg/dl, diabetes 126 mg/dl and above. Random blood sugar normally 80-139 mg/dl, diabetes 200 mg/dl and above. 2 hours glucose tolerance test normally 80-139 mg/dl, diabetes 200 mg/dl and above". (http://www.diabeteswellness.net/Portals/0/files/DRWFUSdiabetes.pdf). This is important to know because people need to know how high their blood pressure is. They could be in the risk of having diabetes and not knowing it. Having symptoms of diabetes are same what notice able depending on the type

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