What is Domestic Violence? Essay

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Violence is not a new thing, for centuries human beings have been violent one towards another. We as humans have to deal with different types of violence in every day life and some types of violence that we may experience are; child abuse, spousal abuse or domestic violence, violence directed towards elderly, sexual assault and harassment, professional misconduct, teen violence, murder is a act of violence, stalking in some way may be classified as type of violence. It is in human nature to do violence one or another way. Domestic violence happens between individuals who are dating, couples that are married, separated or divorced, also domestic violence occur in heterosexual as well gay and lesbian relationships. All social, religious,…show more content…
Many abusers behave in ways that include more than one type of domestic abuse, and the boundaries between some of these behaviors may overlap”. (Helpguide.org, 2001) Emotional abuse can be verbal or non verbal abuse. In emotional abuse, the abuser is destroying other person’s psychological feelings. He may say things that she may be vulnerable to, such as; you are fat and ugly, stupid, worthless, even call her bad names and in some cases he may blame her for something that she is not guilty of. Controlling is also part of the emotional abuse. For instance, guy is dating a girl and few months in relationship everything is great, then holidays come around and she want him to go to her relatives and spend time for Thanksgiving, well nothing wrong with this, but next holiday around which is Christmas he wants her to go and spend time with his relatives and she refuses by making excuses oh we have to spend Christmas with my friends, because I have made plans already. So he accepts to do that and then he tells her that he is going to meet with some guys for a guys night out, she is ok with that, but later that night she calls him few times to check up on him and finally orders him to go home. Next day he is with his parents watching family videos, when she calls and ask him to come over to her house, and he decides to go. She is totally controlling this guy and
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