What is Dracunculiasis?

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What is Dracunculiasis?
Dracunculiasis is an infection by the guinea worm, which is a type of parasite, that benefits or feeds off another organism to survive. People may become infected when they drink water that contains water fleas infected with guinea worm larvae, at fist there are no symptoms one can look for but about one year later, the person will develop a painful, burning feeling as the female worm forms a blister in the skin, usually on the lower limb. Then the person infected will get a fever; have nausea, voting, diarrhea, itchy rash and dizziness. Then the worm comes out of the skin over which causes the person to have difficulty to walk, work or do any type of active activity. Most of time the worms come out of the legs and feet, but they can as well can come out from anywhere on the body.
Why target Dracunculiasis?
Even thought that dracunculiasis can cause death it is very uncommon that they do. On the other hand the wound where the worm come out of could develop a secondary bacterial infection such as “tetanus, which may be life threatening which causes a concern in endemic areas where there is typically no access to health care and where the disease exist which are mainly in poor countries.” According to the center for diseases control and prevention website says that, “at least in the Northern region of Ghana, the Guinea worm team found that antibiotic ointment on the wound site caused the wound to heal too well and too quickly making it more difficult
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