What is Ebonics? Essay

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Our world is full of different cultures and languages. For many years America has challenged other forms of language besides English. With America becoming more diverse the country can no longer ignore the different languages within our society. The African-American culture has gone through a transition of what it means to be “black” in America and language is no acceptance. Africans brought to America did not understand English but over time many blacks learned the socially acceptable or proper form of language. Even though blacks willing learned English, the African-American community language has always been distinctive, and only for blacks to embrace and understand. The Black American English known as Ebonics became a topic of…show more content…
Ebonics distinct language means “Black Sounds.” The language comes from a long and rich history, originating during the African slave trade (Rush, 1997). There are two theories about the origins of this language system. Ebonics is a dialect of English, which evolved through a history of social and geographic separation of its speakers. Dialect used in groups was a way to identify ethnicity, and in turn became the language of the community (Hybels, and Weaver, 2007). When Africans were brought to America as slaves, no white person made a point to teach Africans English. Africans had their own language called Creole English. Creole English evolved from the slave forts of Africa, in the Caribbean. This form of language was considered the first full form of English that was used between blacks and whites during the trans-Atlantic African slave trades. The language is also known as Pidgin English. Pidgin is a simplified language developed as a means of communication between two or more groups that do not have a language in common. This form of English is still used today in the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Papua New Guinea (Rubba, 1997).
The structure of speech in Ebonics has been analyzed by linguistics as a part of the black experience in America. Many people believe that Ebonics is “gutter language or slang.” Research has determined Ebonics is not slang, and linguists of
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