What is Fermentation? Essay

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Fermentation a metabolic process with occurs in the absence of oxygen molecules also known as an anabolic reaction. It is a process of glycolysis in which sugar molecules are used to create ATP. Fermentation has many forms the two most known examples are lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation (Cressy). Lactic acid fermentation is used in many ranges from food production such as bacteria to its use by fatigued muscles in complex organisms (Cressy). When experimenting with organisms such as yeast which was done in this experiment you follow the metabolic pathway of Alcoholic fermentation (Sadava). Where the sugar molecules are broken down and become ethanol (Sadava). But the end product of fermentation is the production of
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Showing that an acidic medium will still allow for yeast to ferment with little to no change from a neutral pH which is supposed to be the optimal condition. But I predict that there will be a significant change in how yeast will react in different conditions.
Collect to 2 large beakers both large beakers are to be filled with hot water (labtutor). Then obtain seven conical tubes these will be used to collect the levels of gas, you will also need test tube a stopper and a plastic tube (labtutor). You want to fill the conical tube to at least 50 ml of water (Cressy). Take the four conical tubes filled with water and place two in each beaker, to do this you must invert the tube and cover the release hole as to not lose any water (Cressy). Then place the beakers with the tubes in the bath so they can be at the same temperature as the bath (Cressy). Next mark all of your test tubes in number order to be sure which tube contains what concentrations and pH (Cressy). Having mixed a solution to the specifications of 2.5 ml of glucose in all tubes, 3 ml of yeast in 2 tubes of pH 5, 2 tubes of pH 9, and the single pH 7 tube, the remaining two tubes will contain no yeast as they will be negative controls. Next add 2 ml of pH buffer 3 tubes will receive pH of 5, three will receive a pH of 9 and a single tube of pH 7. Finally add pure water to make sure all test tubes have 10 ml of solution. When making the solutions
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