What is Globalization?

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What is Globalization?

Course: POL101


One of the key processes of the world economy at the turn of XX-XXI centuries is progressing globalization, i.e. a qualitatively new stage in the development of the internationalization of economic life. Ambiguous attitude towards globalization, and sometimes diametrically opposed. Some see it as a threat to the world economy, and other means of further progress. But to begin to talk about the positive and negative features of globalization, the first thing we should do is to understand what globalization is? What are its main characteristics? How it manifests itself in the modern world?
Thus globalization is the process of global economic, political, cultural
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We deal with only some examples of the manifestations of globalization today. Now it worth to think about what are the consequences globalization? What outweigh the positive or negative?

Let’s start with positives.
The increase in competition
One of the most positive effects or consequences of globalization is the improved quality of goods and services due to increased competition. Customer service, manufacturing processes, will lead to improved quality of goods and services. Because domestic companies have to win foreign competition, they have to raise their standards and levels to meet the demand of the consumer, in order to survive in the market. Furthermore, when the global brand enters a new country, he tries to show his best side, which he must comply. This creates competition in the market situation and "natural selection."
With globalization, companies in developing countries have the opportunity to hire foreign workers under normal conditions than now (in our time). Although this effect of globalization can be both positive and negative, depending on the perspective from which you want to draw on. This gives the opportunity to invest in new markets and identify the talents that are available there. In developing countries there is often a lack of capital, which prevents the growth
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