What is Happiness?

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Happiness is a very broad and complex emotion within the realm of human feelings. A person’s happiness is affected by many factors, including his childhood, and how much time a person spends with his family and friends. Additionally, a person’s lifestyle, culture, and scientific factors, such as genetics, play an important role in determining a person’s level of happiness. Even before a person is born, genetics have determined much of his happiness. As much as fifty percent of a person’s happiness is believed to be caused by genetics (Wallis A2-A9). However, a person’s happiness levels can be greatly affected by experiences throughout his childhood. Painful events, such as abuse, removal from a person’s home, or parental alcoholism when a person is young, can result in a lower level of resilience when he is older (Gorman A52-A55). As a result of a decrease in resilience, a person may not be able to adjust to situations in life that may be difficult to overcome. On the other hand, having strong bonds with parents and being grateful can help a person to be healthier, both mentally and physically. Children who are considered to be grateful are more likely to have high grades in school, and spend less time feeling sick (Beck). In addition, children with optimistic attitudes can recognize the positive side of a situation, in spite of the negatives that may exist. Optimism is very crucial as a person grows older and must learn to deal with numerous stressful circumstances.
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