What is Identity?

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Each and every person has a different identity for different situations. For example, a person may act differently in front of their grandmother then they would in front of their younger brother. In front of your grandmother you are more humble and polite, but in front of your younger brother you probably are more demanding and impertinent. This is just a fact of life. One cannot maintain a single identity in every situation. Over time, people’s distinct identities become more and more alike to each other to a point where it molds into a single identity which they can express at any time in front of anyone. The protagonists in “Life After High School,” “Miss Brill”, and “Identities” all struggle with managing their identities to fit the norm of the current environment they are in and this leads to a number of different outcomes. A major aspect of identity is how we present ourselves in the eyes of others. Some people stay true to themselves and see themselves from the inside looking out, doing what pleases them and not what others will think of him or her, but others look at themselves from the outside looking in, taking in all perspectives and doing what will please others and what will make them fit in. Outside perceptions usually dictate what your identity is. People become into these chameleons that let their…
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