What is Just is Not Always Right

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Therefore, an individual has the role of preventing or supporting an injustice depending on whether his or her morals consider it one. Morals, which some people obtain by stepping into another person's shoes, will identify the injustice. Every moral of each person will put a different value, and a different importance on each wrongdoing, fault, or offense. The differences in individuals will cause a person's role in confronting injustice to change based on his or her definition of morals. Society is, in part, composed of people who inflict injustices on those who are weaker and vulnerable. The antagonists try to shove the susceptible away and rid themselves of the "troublesome presence" (Ascher 36). Most people would view this discrimination as an injustice, but some could argue that weaker individuals brought this injustice upon themselves. Another concept to consider is, that those who are wronged may have committed an error, or their surroundings could have influenced their downfall. For example, a farmer may not receive a crop yield sufficient enough to pay a loan and default on that loan. The bank then runs the farmer and his family off the land, leaving them out on the streets…

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