What is Knowledge? Essay

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Where does knowledge begin? The creation and acquisition of knowledge is a difficult and complex topic to grasp. Is it an innate process we are born with or an ability that is learned and acquired through experience? My opinion of knowledge has varied tremendously through out years of exposure from an uneducated regurgitation of subject matter discussed in a room of four white walls and pretentious brats to an understanding of nontraditional, analytic insight gained from a vast exposure to dissimilar cultures and strong models.

Throughout our life stages, many things become clear and broadened with maturity and the tenacity to conquer that unfamiliarity through risk taking. These experiences and other relationships have
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Information like that described by Lilia, ."..there was a pattern where they put me in those really basic classes for five years. I guess there was a pattern where they put me in those really basic classes and then decided I would go through my elementary school years in those classes. I didn't learn to read or write" (19). Lilia's language and culture barrier were never addressed by the administration but through her desire to learn.

Like that of Lilia, bell also held a reverence about her background and its short comings, "No wonder our working class parents from poor backgrounds feared our entry into such a world, intuiting perhaps that we might learn to be ashamed of where we had come from, that we might never return home, or come back only to lord it over them" (24). It was clear throughout the journey that even with advanced education; a student is deprived of their cultural knowledge. There is mention of her feelings of frustration to express insight about the contorted beliefs. However, her feelings lay dormant throughout her time at Stanford. It is those suppressed feelings that guided her achievements.

Lilia's experience of perseverance gained through hardships and doubt, has led me to feel more inspired to believe in my actions and to be more tenacious in achieving my goals. Coming from a single-parent home, I have overcome many obstacles and statistics. The rigidity that the military brought onto me had given me feelings of desperation
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