What is Lifted Imagery?

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Lifted Imagery is UAV-based aerial media provider targeting the needs of the real estate marketplace. Starting the business will require capital to purchase the UAV itself and further accessories such as batteries and other equipment. There will also be expenses for a camera and then future upgrades as the technology changes rapidly. There will also be further business operation expenses, but the initial capital required is for the development of the UAV itself. There are various methods that Lifted Imagery can employ to gather the funding necessary to get the Lifted Imagery off the ground. Lifted Imagery has already reached an agreement with the brokerage, The Golden Group, based in Golden. The agreement that was made was one similar to…show more content…
The SBA Microloan is the most viable option for Lifted Imagery because it is loans up to $50,000 and can be used for equipment purchases (Small Business Administration, “Microloan Program”). The loan must also be guaranteed with collateral, which could be in the form of the equipment purchased. The average Microloan is $11,000 and matures in 3 years. Even though this is lower than the $30,000 necessary it is much closer than any other SBA loan to what Lifted Imagery needs. SBA 7(a) and Microloans are a possibility for Lifted Imagery’s financing. There a number of other loans offered through the SBA and other government organizations, but Lifted Imagery would have a hard time qualifying or fitting to their standards. Some of the other SBA loans are the 504, EWC and RBIP. The 504 loan does not fit the needs of Lifted Imagery as the company does not need a lot of capital to start and does not create the economic stimulus that this sort of loan tries to create (Small Business Administration, “Use of CDC/504 Loan Proceeds”). EWC loans are Export Working Capital loans and tailored to provide financial assistance to businesses in the import/export trade. Lifted Imagery is not engaged in this line of work and would not be eligible. Lifted Imagery would also not qualify for RBIP (Rural Business Investment Program) loans because the company will not be based or benefiting

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