Essay on What is Medical Ethics?

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You might ask yourself what is Medical Ethics.Well Medical Ethics could many thing but mostly bad.It could rejection to health care at a hospitl by doctor that dosent want help you. Maybe it might be because of you rase, skin color, just because he doesn't feel like it.If you make the doctor mad he might deny and medical attention just because you made him mad. When becoming a doctor you take an oath, that oath states you treat all patients equally what gains the doctor the right to treat patients differently. Medical ethics could be so many different thing mostly bad.There's so many stories about medical ethics this this story about this girl. At the age of 13 she was diagnosed with a rare and fated type of cancer.The survived and was…show more content…
So they are allowed to do whatever they have to do to save their life or help them with their injury.If they a child or teen is hurt and not with a parent the doctors can help them with minor thing but they have to do the fewer they can do before they get permission of their parents.”Even when the parent gives consent for a procedure, ED physicians should try to obtain assent from the patient. Again, the legal authority sometimes is at odds with the ethical authority.”(Ruben J. Rucoba). Many doctors don’t want want help a patient because he committed a crime or was in jail or even hurt someone.A doctor took an oath to help a patient no matter what.There has been so much debate on if they should or shouldn't prisoners be help with medical care.”Prison and jail health care, despite occasional pockets of inspiration, provided by programs affiliated with academic institutions, is an arena of endless ethical conflict in which health care providers must negotiate relentlessly with prison officials to provide necessary and decent care.”(Duler) Their still is conflict with Medical Ethics.Like “how should someone make medical decisions for someone who has never been competent?” (Guidry-Grimes). “Well The doctor has a duty to obtain prior informed consent from the patient before carrying out diagnostic tests and therapeutic management.”(M.S.,Pandit.). Doctors at a hospital are trusted as a doctor
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