Essay on What is Medical Ethics?

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You might ask yourself what is Medical Ethics.Well Medical Ethics could many thing but mostly bad.It could rejection to health care at a hospitl by doctor that dosent want help you. Maybe it might be because of you rase, skin color, just because he doesn't feel like it.If you make the doctor mad he might deny and medical attention just because you made him mad. When becoming a doctor you take an oath, that oath states you treat all patients equally what gains the doctor the right to treat patients differently.
Medical ethics could be so many different thing mostly bad.There's so many stories about medical ethics this this story about this girl. At the age of 13 she was diagnosed with a rare and fated type of cancer.The survived and was cleaned that didn't have cancer. Then 10 years later she fought for her life again, she had sergey. After the Surgery there was no where no sign of the cancer. There years later she married and she became pregnant because of her health history she went to a clinic so they could watch her pregnancy.She had to go back to the clinic for having a lung tumor. She want to be in the best health, surgery was not an option. Her baby was too small to be born yet ,” meaning too premature.” (Thornton )She wanted to keep treating her cancer but, the doctors said that should wait until 28 weeks.She waited and the doctors she it was too dangerous and they wouldn’t help.So they want to cort.The court made it distion and at time is was very ill. The court…

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