What is Motivation?

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Motivation refers to the processes that lead to certain behaviours within organisms. They are the drives, needs, wants and interests that push individuals to partake in goal directed behaviour, that is actions that contribute to the achievement of a desired outcome. Tom is a 45 year old male who was recently involved in a car accident following the request of a divorce from his wife. Consequently, Tom sustained injuries to the frontal and left temporal lobe of his brain as well as a broken leg, ankle and shoulder. He is medically stable and has recently been sent to rehabilitation, however is refusing to leave his room and resisting therapy sessions with numerous health professionals. Many motivational theories can be utilised in order to…show more content…
In time, contemporary theories have come to fruition, arguing that organisms are indeed motivated by multiple motivational systems that aid an individuals survival and reproduction within a given environment. Durant and Ellis considered motives to be products of natural selection (2003) with those which are primary - power, love and mating - emerging despite variation in a population. As a result of his accident, Tom sustained damage to the frontal lobe of his brain, often referred to as the emotional control centre - the site which Levin et al states to be “the most common region of injury following… brain injury” (Neuroskills.com 2014) due to its anterior location within the cranium. Tom now has difficulty with executive functioning including struggling to pay attention, problem solve, sequence and plan, as well as trouble with regulating his emotions and monitoring his behaviour. These injuries may negatively impact Tom’s motivation as he struggles to focus and pay attention to the task at hand, leading to minimal/ slow initial progress in most areas of treatment and contributing to heightened levels of frustration with the whole process. Furthermore, step backs in the treatment process would leave Tom feeling like he has failed or is unable to complete
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