What is Nursing?

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“Nursing is…” Nursing has been a field in which new rules are being constantly enforced. It is also a field that requires the nurses to constantly review their material in order to be current with the changes in health profession. Nursing has always been around, but in different standards. Nursing began as a basic care and then it gradually expanded into a more critical and in-depth care. There are several definitions of what nursing is, but in my own perspective, I think nursing is the act of caring, comforting, respecting, and disciplining caring for an individual. To begin, the first most important point of what “nursing” is caring. Care giving is one of the most essential parts in the health field because it helps people to regain their strength and to improve their health. Nurses are required to take proper care of their patients by helping them recover from their illnesses, prevent additional illnesses, and also help them remain and maintain a healthy living style. Nursing from the very beginning was built on care giving, assisting and taking care of people who couldn’t take care of themselves. In other words, I may say that care giving is the foundation of nursing. Without caregiving, nursing wouldn’t be as important as it is now, people will be dying of diseases that they know absolutely nothing about. That’s why nurses are being trusted and regarded as saviors because people know that the nurses are going to take proper care of them and also constantly give them

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