What is Olfaction?

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Olfaction And Pheromones What is Olfaction? Olfaction is another word or a synonym used for the ability to smell or smell that anything carries with itself. It is by far one of the oldest senses that human and animals have carried likewise for ages. It allows organisms to identify food, as well allows them to copulate and evade the threat and danger posed by other predators besides providing sensual as well as warnings of danger pleasure. For both humans and animals, it is one of the important means by which our environment communicates with us and they communicate with it vice versa. So in other words it is the means via which one is able to interact with whatever is around us. In light of what has been mentioned in this very brief paragraph imagine what it would be like if there was no sense of olfaction? What are odors (examples)? The odor of flowers and perfume, smell of danger like smell of something burning, intoxicants, smell of food and spiciness, smell of something being stale or dead and even smell of someone that you know as being around you through their body scent and perfumes. Animals often mark their territories by smell and young animals are able to trace their mothers through the same sense of smell while they are unable to see. Detection of Odorants What is an Odorants? These are nothing more than the chemical components that are present in the air and are carried through the air as and when we inhale and exhale air. The molecular structure is so
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