Essay on What is Osteoporosis?

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Osteoporosis over many years has become a major concern both in young and old

Individuals, but mainly in older individuals. There are several reasons why it is most prevalent

among older individuals. One reason is that there is a significant amount of bone mineral density

loss as an individual age. Second reason is a change in an older individual’s diet, resulting in

inadequate amounts of vitamin and nutrient uptake. Adequate amounts of vitamin and

minerals are need to maintain a healthy status overall. As I have learned in previous nutrition

class vitamin d and vitamin c are the two most important vitamin for maintaining healthy

bones. Physical activity is another important factor that helps maintain healthy bones. I chose

osteoporosis because it is a major concern in the United State and worldwide. There has been

a large increase in hip fractures occurring in older individuals, due to the loss of bone mineral

density, resulting in osteoporosis. I believe it is very important to become familiar with

osteoporosis at an early age because it is a disease that can occur at an early age. In the next

sections I will provide information on the history, epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis,

and also the medical and surgical treatments of osteoporosis.

The first question to address is what is osteoporosis? To my knowledge, it is a disease

associated with bones that cause them to improperly function.…

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