What is Personality Profiling?

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In particular employers may use personality profiling to match a certain skill set that someone has in order to make sure service is provided on a superior level . There are two types of personality profiling test that are widely used . The Big Five Theory of Personality and the Myers -Briggs MBTI . Personality is important and says a lot about character. It tells people who you are with you not saying a word. For example,when you take the different personality test people try to determine the type of person you are by reading the results the test revealed. Personality can take you a long way in life and it speaks to how people perceive you. That goes hand and hand with "the first impression is the one that sticks with someone you meet in life. If you first present to people that you have an attitude that is how they see you and will determine your character by their first interaction with you. No matter what you were going though at the time of the impression it will remain valid. When personality is determined by the public it can be taken in the wrong manner. It can cause your image to be damaged by the way people have perceive you . According to Steffans personality blog, The Big Five Theory relies on five major factors . These factors are Extraversion, Neuroticism, Agreeableness , Openness and Conscientiousness. This theory…
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