What is Photography

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Photography is seeing what is invisible, capturing the moments that last a lifetime. It can hold all the mystery of the world in a single picture. It is a visual diary, containing the secrets of the earth. This great pastime is used all around the world. The good, the bad, and the ugly makes up photography. Anyone can enjoy photography including you. There are many different parts in photography such as its history and equipment. There are many types of photography as well. Photography in today’s society is called the killer fine art. Photography was invented around the 1820s. It is now the most growing hobby in the world. The first camera created is called the Camera Obscura. The Camera Obscura was used during the 13th - 14th centuries. It was a dark closed box-shaped space with a hole on one side. The Camera Obsurca got its name from the Latin word “Dark Room”. The man behind the camera was Joseph Nicephore. Other important men in photography history include Alfred Stieglitz (who changed photography into art) and Henri Carrtier-Bresson (the father of photojournalism). The next major camera movement was film cameras. These cameras came out in the early 1900s. This movement gave the Granddaddy camera its name. The Granddaddy camera is also known as a 35 mm (millimeter) point and shoot. There were many issues with film cameras. With a film camera, you could not scan an image without it possibly getting destroyed. Also with a film camera the film had to be developed. There
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