What is Plagiarism?

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Activities of plagiarism are indeed happening in the academic scenario whether it is done consciously or not. It also can occur either intentional or not. (Eng, 1995), university students in particular and academia in general sometimes do not realize that what they do can be considered as plagiarism. Statistic shows that the percentages of plagiarism among students are increasing each year. According to The Centre for Academic Integrity Studies, almost 80% of the universities students are admit to plagiarize at least once and 36% of the undergraduates have admitted to committed plagiarism in preparing their assignment.
What is plagiarism? By definitions, plagiarism is an act of applying or closely imitating the work or thought of someone else’s work as their own, and not properly crediting the person responsible for the writing. Plagiarism is also another form of fraud or cheating weather it is intentional or accidental plagiarism. Plagiarism is cheating, unethical and affecting the credibility of a students and also the institute of higher learning. Even though plagiarism has been a problem throughout history, it is important for students and all involved parties to give it their full attention regarding this issue to overcome the problem.
Plagiarism problems have detour students from obtaining the necessary set of skills of evaluating ideas. University students tend to commit plagiarism by cites or takes credit on someone else’s work or ideas without proper citations
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