What is Psychographics?

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Psychographics is a research focused on the psychological aspect of the buying behaviour and consumer lifestyle that includes their activities, interests and opinions. The psychological factors that affect their buying decisions include motivation, perception, learning, attitudes and belief hence in order for this method to be successful, marketers must first identify the needs and wants of customers because without proper understanding, marketers will not be able to produce the correct products to offer. Thus, by identifying the needs and the wants, it helps to create a more accurate and a stronger marketing mix.
Need is something that a consumer feels that is essential for them to consume or to have which awaken certain drive that directs a person’s behaviour to potentially achieve this satisfaction. Need is developed when consumers are in the state of disequilibrium and feels the urge to satisfy a need. Influences from reference groups, cultures and social class can determine the kind of products they purchase depending on how influential and cohesive these reference groups, cultures and social class are.
Reference groups refer to people consumer associate with on a daily basis for example family because how children were brought up can determine how and where they spend their money or reference group can also refer to people they look up to and aspire to belong to a particular group are known as aspirational group for example the popular crowd…
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