What is Queer Theory?

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This quote comes from Thomas Dowson who suggests that the queer remark makes room for reflection while it requires a reflection of ones own self as well as their own involvement. The term queer can be a quarrelsome phrase and one that is surrounded by disregard, triumph and rejection. It mainly concentrates on the imbalance between sex, gender and lust. Ancestries of its intellectual demonstration can be seen in “psychoanalysis, sexology, feminism, lesbian and gay studies, postmodernism and poststructuralism, HIV/AIDS activism and the black civil rights movement”. When you use the term queer generally, it can illustrate various academic fields that are struggling to access ambition, individuality, status, relationality, morality and principles (Giffney et al 2009, p.8).

Queer theory provides the outlook that all characters are social structures, the notion of male and female can be portrayed the same as masculinity and femininity. Even though queer theory can often be misunderstood, it doesn’t get involved with particularly with homosexuality. It concerns all shapes of identity, particularly the ones connected to sexuality. Queer theory can be seen as a political and cultural activity, it isn’t only a substitute method to investigate portrayal. Therefore, the plan is to rebel and weaken common beliefs to sexuality. A lot of…
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