What is Reality

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What is Reality? What is reality? In my mind, reality is defined by the individual. It is not a single, or whole entity that is the same for everyone. What this implies is that each person has control over their own reality. It varies from person to person but also intertwines. Individual realities can interact with each other which add up and ultimately create other joint realities until an intricate “web” of realities is made that represents the world. I would consider myself an existentialist, and that point of view shapes my ideas of what reality is. I essentially disagree with views like Taoism, Monism and specifically Determinism. I believe a person shapes their own reality and that reality is completely separate from another…show more content…
It was not predetermined that he would be a lawyer. An example that can show how choices are up to the individual is the experience a person has when standing on a cliff where he not only fears falling off it, but also dreads the possibility of throwing himself off. In this experience that "nothing is holding me back", he senses the lack of anything that predetermines him to either throw himself off or to stand still, and he experiences his own freedom. I believe that my idea of Reality is synonymous with Martin Heidegger’s theory of Being. The only difference being is that mine is not so clear cut as to say that there are only two states; being and Being. I think everybody can shape their reality to varying degrees. Some more than others. Or at least it would be harder to shape a particular reality because of varying factors. For example a person living in Canada would potentially have an unlimited ability to control his reality. On the other hand a person living in Africa would not be able to control his reality with such relative ease, or even more so, be completely limited in his options. My other large point on my idea of reality is the concept of intertwining individual realities. Just because a reality is subject to variance because of people, it does not mean it is separate from all other realities. In fact it cannot be because it is essentially how the world works. Every single person’s
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