What is Residential Segregation?

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Residential Segregation The purpose of this paper is to address residential segregation, why it exists, and how it relates to crime. Residential segregation is the physical separation of one or more groups based upon race and is more pronounced in suburban areas and inner city neighborhoods (Class Notes, 2014). Inner city neighborhoods are heavily populated with racial and ethnic minorities and tend to lack socially stabilizing resources such as adequate parental supervision, education, and long-term, stable employment (Walker, 2007). The conditions of poverty limit the opportunities for residents to escape inner city neighborhoods and create opportunities for the existence of crime and criminal behavior. Residential segregation exists because of personal choice, segregation by law, and discriminatory practices (Walker, 2007). Some neighborhoods have kept their racially homogenous identities, initiated by lawfully enforced segregation during the pre-Civil Rights era and many choose to live with those who look like them or whom they share similarities. Others have been victims of discriminatory housing practices by real estate agencies, banks and financial institutions, such as Wells Fargo, who offer minorities sub-prime loans and steer them toward non-white neighborhoods (Class Video, 2014). These discriminatory policies are also a reason that racial inequality exists between whites and minorities. Racial segregation maintains racial inequality because the distribution of
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