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Through the advancement of science and technology the world has changed from a huge place to a very small one which can be navigated by simply logging in. Computers, the World Wide Web, and Cellular services are just a few of the technologies responsible for this change as billions of people can now access anything under the sun from just about anywhere under the sun. Along with these changes brought on by the technology era, a new religion has begun sweeping the world, and that religion is Scientology. Although Scientology has recently found itself under frequent media and legal scrutiny, many celebrities and public figures have chosen this new religious path over traditional religions, making the frenzy even greater. What is
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Published in 1950, Dianetics maintained that the source of mental and physical illness could be traced back to psychic scars called engrams that were rooted in early, even prenatal, experiences, and remained locked in a person's subconscious, or reactive mind. To rid oneself of the reactive mind, one undergoes a process known as going Clear (Reitman). Dianetics, and later Scientology, preaches a regressive-therapy technique called auditing, which involves re-experiencing incidents in one's past life in order to erase their engrams. The Church of Scientology, on their website “What is Scientology”, defines and engram as: engram: a recording made by the reactive mind when a person is “unconscious.” An engram is not a memory – it is a particular type of mental image picture which is a complete recording, down to the last accurate detail, of every perception present in a moment of partial or full “unconsciousness. (“Glossary”)
The process of auditing to remove engrams is a rigorous series of questioning sessions where the church member is drilled for up to five hours at a time while constantly being encouraged to confront. The church believes that this type of therapy can cure any physical and psychological ailments, which prompts the church’s stand that prohibits their members from seeking psychiatric care, and most medical procedures. Many experts claim that this behavior is dangerous, irresponsible, and needs to be addressed by the medical community.

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