What is Self-Reliance?

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Some may ask, what is self-reliance? Self- Reliance is defined as relying on one’s own capabilities, judgment, resources, or independence. In “Self-Reliance”, written by an American Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson describes how we should live and prosper as a human being. In order to be self- realigned one must trust themselves, believe in themselves, and create individualism. The search for self-reliance comes from loving something, mainly yourself. Emerson states throughout his essay in order to be an individual you have to trust and be completely honest with yourself. You need to accept who you truly are as a person. Emerson’s self-reliance implies that one must be true to the self, above all others. He states: “Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string. This quote states that if you trust yourself, then you can truly be content in whatever you do or wherever you go. Always speak the truth because that is the only way you can be true to yourself. When you trust yourself you live in a state of peace and your heart vibrates like a string on a guitar, making the music pleasing to the ear and the body. In today’s society this quote applies to everyone. Trust is important in relationships, and one must have confidence in themselves and others in life. Emerson was a religious man, so he tells us to trust that God put you here for a reason. He has a plan for everyone. By trusting yourself in you will begin to discover your self-worth. What you think of
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