What is Sin? Essay

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What is Sin?

Adam and Eve, the two that started it all. These two names will remain as a reminder to us forever because of their actions. Genesis chapter two talks about how man was made perfect; flawless and in God’s favor. These two individuals change how mankind would be from that time on. Sin entered the world and things began to change.

Before Adam and Eve’s decision there was no sin or death, because of their actions we now have to deal with both. This brings up the question of where original sin came from. We know that God cannot create evil, so it did not come from Him. He gave man free will. From this man went against God and therefore created sin. Because of this we know have inherited depravity. We can not
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This definition may sound good, but it has its flaws. The Weslyans define it as a willful transgression of the known will of God. If you enter these two definitions into a few verses such as 1 Corinthians 15:34 or John 8:11 we find that the Weslyan definition will fit better. If we use too broad a definition it can lead to actual sinning. We may not know we are doing it, but we still are.

If we use the Weslyan definition of sin we find that there are four elements that lead to sin a personal voluntary act. The first of these is to use God as a standard. He is perfect and flawless, as we should strive to be. The second is man as a free personality. God gave us free will to decide our own actions; He did not just make us drones. The third makes sin a live option. It is something that is always there and we can always choose to do what God would have us do or go against His will. The fourth is a deed committed. This goes back to the third one. Sin is a willful act against God. We must choose right or wrong.

We must make our own decision on what we think sin is. We can look at what others say it could be or we can look to the Bible and ask the Lord what it is. I think it is also different for everyone. There are however some things that are a standard for everyone. These are specifically mentioned in the Bible. God gave us the Ten Commandments to follow and Jesus gave us two simple rules to follow. If we look at these we can

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