What is Social Entrepreneurship?

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Social entrepreneurship is a term that is looking for a steady definition. The use of the term is currently vague and pretty much useless. The lack of a definition raises many questions about which topics fall underneath the idea of social entrepreneurship. To become of importance in the entrepreneurial world, SE needs to be properly defined and requires a subjective foundation. According to Brouard and Larivet (2010), social entrepreneurship represents a variety of activities and processes to create and sustain social value by using more entrepreneurial and innovative approaches and constrained by the external environment. Establishing definitions “will help overcome the vagueness of the concept of social entrepreneurship”. This will help encompass the existing definitions. This will also help clarify relationships between the different forms of social entrepreneurship. According to Bornstein (1998), a social entrepreneur is a path breaker with a powerful new idea who combines visionary and real-world problem solving creativity, has a strong ethical fiber, and is totally dedicated to their vision for change. So basically, they are a persistent mission leader. This paper deals with the different aspects of marketing and how it ties in with the social ventures. Marketing is the action of making products or services recognizable to the public. Marketing has many sub-categories including market research and advertising. According to Short, Moss and Lumpkin(2009), “Ireland and
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