What is Surveillance?

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Surveillance can be defined as the close observatory approach by undertaking to control, manage or influence a specific population. It is strongly bound up with our compliance with the current social order, and could also be means of social control (Lyon, 1994) In Discipline and Punishment (1977), Foucault elaborated on Jeremy Bentham’s theory and structure of the Panopticon, as a marvellous machine which, whatever use one may wish to put it to, produces homogenous effects of power. The traditional methods like brutal public punishment has been replaced with rational means of ordered society, which deals with devient behaviour more effectively, in this sense the panotican can be used to illstruate how we live in a surveillance society. It is observed that the main concern of Foucault is associated with the compliance of discipline and power used for punishment, and how there is a clear distinction between the individual and social institutions (Powell & Biggs, 2000, 13). This essay will further demonstrate foucaults work being applicable to how survillence operates in today’s socety, arguing that foucaults work of panotican power is still in existance through many forms supporting the claim that we do live in a surveillance, in contrast, many authors such as Mathiesen’s (1997); Haggerty (2006); and Lyon’s (2006) have moved away from foucaults work, suggest the modern society consists of new forms of surveillance, technology is advanced; hence to understand the new
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