What is The Eucharist?

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The Eucharist is a sacrament that gives expression to our faith. Sacraments are a sign of our intimate unity with God. There is a rich, deep connection between what the Church is and what sacraments are that is profoundly evident in the celebration of the Eucharist. God’s presence is mediated by the Church and its’ sacraments “to an unseen reality and … [makes] that reality “present” to us.” “The church is impossible without the Eucharist” , the centre of our Christian lives. Memorial is an integral part of Eucharist. With origins in the Passover meal, we cannot understand Eucharist without knowledge of Passover. The symbolism of both rituals is deeply entwined; we remember, give thanks, worship, and renew our covenant with God. Jesus instituted the Eucharist at the Last Supper. Although scholars are uncertain as to whether the Last Supper was the Passover meal, it “took place in the atmosphere of the Passover” . The Last Supper added a new dimension to the Jewish ritual meal, “in terms of what (or better who) was celebrated” . Jesus asked the disciples to “do this in memory of me” (1 Cor 11:24, The NIV study Bible). It is not merely a memorial recalling past covenants and sacrifices, but central to the Church, acting powerfully in the present and opening out towards the future. Denis Edwards says we often forget that “every Eucharist has a thanks giving memorial for God at work in creation as well as in redemption.” Early Christian Eucharistic prayers, with origins in
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