What is The Paleo Diet? Essay

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Modern science has done great miracles, like returning a man’s sight using one of his teeth, keeping a person alive for days without a heat, 114 days, connecting people paralyze peoples mind with computers to be able to communicate. There have also been advancements in modern medicine such as finding cures and lowering the victims for disease that use to affect people greatly like polio, measles, smallpox and malaria. However along with any advancement there are some downsides, some that are obvious at plain sight, and some that sometimes take a while to be noticed.

One of the possible reasons why various diseases are more prevent[able]now than in our evolutionary past could be out change in the food we eat. We not only have diverted
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through the introduction of a gene from a different organism.”

All of the process foods we eat have different ingredients in them; some of these ingredients are made from GMO crops. According to the non GMO project, a nonprofit group that educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices, currently 90% of the Canola grow in the United States is GMO crop, along with 88% of corn, 94% of soy, 95% of sugar beets, and several other crops. From these crops are used to create Amino Acids, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Vitamin C, and other ingredients found in many of the common foods we eat.

The reason as to why GMO crops are unhealthy is due to modification done to them. For example, corn that is imbued with Bacillus Thuringiensis or BT, BT is used to control crop eating insects by killing them. When BT is imbued with corn, corn crops begin to produce a pesticide that when insects consume their stomachs and intestines burst killing them. As well as Roundup ready crop that can withstand being sprayed with roundup which main ingredient is glyphosate. According to the documentary Genetic Roulette- the Gamble of Our Lives, Monsanto study on their GMO stated back in 1996 that was reported to the FDA, when GMO crops began to be publicly used, that BT infused Corn and other GMO

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