What is Theater?

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What is Theater Comment One: The talk on page 7 regarding a general disdain by Artaud about psychological theater was a bit interesting. Instead of just a psychological effect, Artaud was constantly against the generally accepted forms of theater and instead wanted a wide-ranging and all-encompassing approach within the theater process. Artaud is noted to have been influenced in large part by Freud's Interpretation of Dreams, and this is quite obvious in readin the summary of "The Theater and its Double". Comment Two: The talk starting on page 19 of media and theater and whether they act in concert or against each other is also very prescient. The book's clear verdict is that they are rivals but they are not remotely equal and that the mass saturation used by the media is very dominant. What is Spectator Comment One: The opening lines about the audience being an integral and indispensable part of the theater production is very much copied and parroted when looking at people foisting themselves into the spotlight and deeming themselves celebrities through the use of Twitter and Facebook. There are certainly a lot of parallels between that and the comments made in the start of the chapter as noted on page 155. Comment Two: The comments on page 159 about how musicals are truly an American phenomenon brought on by like-minded people exhibiting the American condition is a valid point as well. Indeed, all forms of entertainment have to be at least somewhat grounded in
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