What is a Gap Year and Where Did It all Start? Essay

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Where did it all start? With school supplies in hand each year like the annual migration of birds, student return to school. With growing pressure placed on this generation over previous, creating a burnout in students and limiting the full potential that could be reached is a common concern. The studying, test and exams have finished yet students continue straight from high school to college. Have you ever wondered why you must be returning to school each year in a process that has been non-stop since you were 5 years old and when do I get a change? A gap year can provide that change, considered to be a break in education between high school and university . Students from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia have encouraged…show more content…
All students are different and those that did not apply themselves during high school and graduated with a low GPA, a year off can be use the time off to become more mature and learn through working and dedication that it can pay off. While a majority of students are ready to join colleges, but others may be overwhelmed or unprepared to be away from home or dealing with the larger number of students that are on campuses. The rooted ideals of graduation in spring followed by college in early fall is the convention of students in the United States. However, the idea from across pond on pursuing interest after high school is starting to uproot the once steady stream of students. The founder of, Tom Griffiths, has been quoted as saying "The U.S. is viewed in our sector as the sleeping giant," with the "potential to surpass the rest of the world in numbers and possibly spending within the next five years." The limitation of one’s imagination is the only thing that holds back on what to do with having a year off. The time off should not be spent sitting on a couch watching the world pass you by but rather pursuing self-enrichment with volunteering, study abroad programs or personal travel can cost … While individuals from Europe that have been growing up with the gap year as being a normal part of adulthood, Americans tend to Reasons for taking a gap
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