What is a Great Company?

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What makes a great company to work for? Well everybody has their own perspective. It can be pay, shorter working hours and so on. Whatever the elements are to making a great company to work for, these are the elements that will benefit both parties. The purpose of this paper is to explain the benefits of these three elements. It will cover the elements such as welfare, communication and fun, that will make a great company to work for and how these elements will affect the employees working for the company which in turn will affect the company’s productivity and moral level.

A company that provides welfare will keep morale high. This is because a company that gives out welfare frequently will play a part in keeping morale level high and motivated. When morale level are high among the employees, employees will be more productive(bailey,2013). Welfare can be in a form of monetary reward, health care subsidies, off or lesser working hours. However, if a company does not provide welfare it will affect the employees causing their morale level to be low. When employees morale level are low it will create pressure between co-workers to form(Melton,2011) and anti-social behaviour will start to form which will affect the company. Low morale also affects the productivity output in a company. Thus having welfare in a company is beneficial.

Another element that makes a good company to work for is fun. When companies promote fun in the workplace environment, it helps to boost
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