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(a) What is meant by the term miracle? (4 marks)

A miracle can be defined as, `a transgression of a law of nature by a particular violation of a deity," Hume. It describes supernatural events, which defy the universal laws of nature. This could be a man rising from the ground against the law of gravity. J.L. Mackie has a similar point of view and suggests that miracles occur when the world is interfered with, by something that is not of natural order. Some doctors have said that a particular event would not be a miracle, unless the impossible has taken place. I would agree with the doctors' point of view, that if a man was terminally ill and then suddenly 100% healthy the next day when he woke up from his sleep, and that would
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There is empirical evidence, evidence that people have suddenly regained health after visiting Lourdes, a renowned place where several miracles have occurred. Some of those have had their health checked by a medical doctor before visiting Lourdes. Then after, if and when a miraculous change has happened, they go to the doctors to be examined again and it has been recorded that there have been cases when they have suddenly regained one hundred percent health straight after the visit. This is surely strong evidence for the existence of miracles.

On the other hand, Hume has made several criticisms in his book, Enquiries Concerning Human Understanding and the Principle of Morals. He believes that miracles are transgressions of the law of nature but says that we cannot be sure what a natural law is. According to Hume, to prove that a miracle has occurred, there needs to be as much evidence for the miracle as there are for natural laws. However if there was so much evidence that miracles occur, then it would not be a miracle at all, but a law of nature. So it would be impossible to prove miracles occur to Hume. But one vital aspect of miracles is that it is meant to be an exception to a rule.

Hume also disregards the testimonies in the Bible. No testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle unless the person concerned is of "unquestionable good, sense, education, and learning, as to secure us against all delusion in

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