What is a Rape Crisis Center?

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What Is a Rape Crisis Center
Rape Crisis Centers are around to provide comprehensive services to victims of sexual assault and their families, and to conduct sexual assault prevention and education programs for everyone (About, n.d.).
Rape crisis centers come into play around the early 1970s. The rape crisis movement as well as the feminist movement played a large role on the rape crisis center coming into play. These centers have helped so many people since they have opened before they were open husbands were able to sexual assault their wives with no consequences. These rape centers started off as volunteer groups to help people in need. They still are helping people in need but all workers are not consider volunteers
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The reason why this is so important is because everyone does not know what needs to be done on the medical side in regards to rapes. Also, all victims do not have medical insurance so they may not know have seek medical attention. Most advocates provide referrals for these services at low or no cost to the victim or even offer the services at their center for low or no cost. Legal Advocacy is a service the helps victims legally. This helps victims file legal claims in regards to their rape. They also help prep victims for what may take place in the court house. This is very important because some victims do not think they have rights and some just have public defender who is representing them but do not really care about what has happened. Other times when victims go to court the prosecutor may make them feel like the rape was their fault and the legal advocate helps them prepare for court and everything that may happen which is definitely needed for the victim. There is also general advocacy, which is just general help. This may be just being a friend to talk too or help plan what their next step should be. This is needed because victims sometimes just need a shoulder to lean on and know they have someone in their corner who cares and is there for them. Counseling and therapy is needed.
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