What is a Wiki and How Can It Be Useful for an Organization? Essay

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What is a wiki and how can be useful for an organization?
Wiki is an editable, easy running program, that can be navigated by the least computer challenged individuals and contain massive amounts of information. Ward Cunningham stated, “The simplest online database that could possibly work.” Ward Cunningham is known as the father of Wiki. In 1995 he and Bo Leuf designed WikiWikiWeb, the first wiki, to be an open, collaborative community Website where anyone can contribute. This philosophy has proven true as there are many wiki’s to this day on the web. Wiki can be described as interlinked web pages that are freely expandable using a hypertext system. This system is modifying and storing information. Conveniently each page is editable by
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I have selected Wiki Hub the most powerful way to create your own wiki. “Wiki Hub lets you capture, collaborate, and share the knowledge that matters. Sign up now, and get a single, searchable, central hub for all your organization's knowledge and data, from wikis to files and documents.” (PBworks, 2013) Wiki hub allows you to Summary’s, notifications, easy editing, teamwork, share and access. Summary allows you to have visibility and up to date single screen summery of each wiki. Automated notifications keep everyone up to date and editing without learning how to code. You can grant access to people within your organization or outside building a strong well rounded team. Sharing allows you to store discuss, search and share wiki pages files and documents. Your wiki is accessible by computer, smartphone and tablets. Wiki hub allows you to display content visually and by folder. This allows individuals accessing the wiki to navigate smoothly and effectively without confusion. Having a comprehensive search function allows users to search quickly and accurately within your organization. Simple upgrade include, 20 internal users, 100 GB of storage, unlimited wikis on top of the 15 internal users, 5 external, 5 wiki’s 50mb of storage and fee email customer support. (PBworks, 2013) All you have to enter is your Business name, email, and a few other personal aspects and you are on your way for creating your own personal
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